30-Day Plank Challenge: DONE!

This past week was a great week. Firstly, it was my birthday and it’s tradition on my birthday to run my new age in kilometres. Thirty three is how old I turned and so was the distance I ran on that day. It was cold, but alone with my thoughts I celebrated another year of existence. Secondly, I completed the 30-day plank challenge, which turned out to be a heck of a lot harder than I first imagined. On the final day I planked for 10 minutes. Midway through the challenge I thought 10 minutes would’ve been impossible but I must say the core does adapt. During the final week I found I was breezing right past the period that I used to start failing. I also noticed, when out running snowy Bragg Creek trails with the Calgary Trail Runners that I felt an anchoring and stability which before I was without.

I plan to continue planking all throughout the year and into the next. Whereas I think the 10 minute plank is a bit silly and has diminished returns. Instead I will continue to plank for 5 minutes every second day to maintain my core strength.

I also ask of you to please be kind after watching the video and understand the slumping and just-get-through-it nature on the 10 minute plank is just that.

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