30 day squat and wall sit challenges

The past couple months my training has been up and down. I got in some big run days in January but all the crazy icy conditions have made my body revolt. But I’m glad to say I’m strong like bull again. Right now I am training based on my upcoming events, to be specific: more hills, more strength, more speed, and a progression of running longer distances. To be completely honest in the past couple years my hill training was bordering on non-existent and with running the Sinister 7 and wanting to drive home a strong time at Blackfoot, hill/climbing train is key this year. I don’t want to rely solely on doing mountain repeats or snakes and ladders (Calgary Curling Club stairs) to prepare me for this year’s races.

A few months ago I completed the 30 day plank challenge with great results and am proud to say, I’ve kept it up and am planking every second day. The sad thing is I still don’t look too attractive topless but you can’t have it all…right? With where my training is at this point I think it is perfect timing to introduce two new challenges: the 30 day wall sit and squat challenges. Once again, since I’m bat shit crazy I will double both.

I won’t do both exercises on the same day but will interchange the workouts for 60 days. I feel doing only one of these challenges at a time would create a significant imbalance. Doing both would allow both the anterior and posterior tissues of the upper leg and hip to adapt together. On a regular basis I’m already doing 4-5 minute wall sits and 100+ squats, so that’s where I will start these challenges on day 1 and 2. If all goes well on day 59 and 60 I will be doing 500 squats and a 10 minute wall sit.
I can hardly wait for the need to go jeans shopping, because my new found glorious ass will no longer fit into my current ass jeans. Remember that’s what I said before the plank challenge and I still look like Homer Simpson…doh!

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