Topless spring running

Me and Adele running in Black Diamond today
     There is just something about running topless in spring. It might be that this year’s winter was painfully long, could be that my body is yearning for the depleted vit D stores. Or it could just simply be the fact that it feels stellar feeling the warm sun and cool breeze on my skin…sweet! It was only one week ago I had covered myself, layer upon layer to get outside to stomach the frigid temperatures. Then when I started feeling reasonably comfortable and stopped, the sweat would then press against my body, leaving me in a near hypothermic state. Today’s run was a mere 13 degrees and windy, but hell, if you asked me it felt balmy. 
     During my run today, which was only 15K (around 1hour), I counted five vehicles that passed me rapidly honking their horns. Now this will happen often with fellow runners and you pretty much know it’s a sign of encouragement or respect but these honks had more of a mockery tone to them. I know this because these were younger men driving pick up trucks. One was yelling “Run Forrest Run!”…yeah, never heard that one before. A couple of the other drivers mumbled something, but coming from a speeding passing truck all I heard was a noise that would come from the mouth of Chubacka. Wise words for the knuckle heads: When you think it’s cool to yell out your window at someone, chances are you won’t have enough time to think of something clever so you’ll end up saying something dumb. Even if you say something witty, chances are the person you’re yelling at will only hear you sounding like Chubacka. A vehicle of young ladies passed me honking frantically. The girl in the passenger seat was sprawled out the window yelling “Hey baby!!!” Scary thing is, she looked 17; even scarier, I think I know her mother. Fact is: we live in Alberta and worse off I live in rural Alberta. Conservatism is king and anything a little different or outside the box should be squashed right away. So does it surprise me that when I run with my shirt off the horns start to sing? No of course not, but that doesn’t mean it’ll stop me. 

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