Wall sit and squat challenges…DONE.

Click HERE for video

Just a quick blog post. I didn’t know I would post this video until I saw it afterwards, at which point I laughed my ass off. In this vid I’m completing the 30 day wall sit challenge by doing a 10 minute wall sit but that acts as a distraction to the real impressive activity happening all around me. The fact is, while I’m putting myself thru 10 minutes of absolute hell my lovely family is in the back ground putting on a show. They demonstrate the chaos that takes place in the Proctor house on a regular day-to-day basis. It’s an enjoyable chaos but chaos all the same. After watching this, it begs the question: 

Why can’t a guy just wall sit in peace?!?
(If you feel the need to criticize my form…go kiss a cactus!)

2 thoughts on “Wall sit and squat challenges…DONE.

  1. Guess I'll go kiss a cactus and sing a song “a little bit lower now, a little bit lower now”. But I can't do it so don't mind me.

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