Well that didn’t end well

Me and Andy at race start

It’s 6am Saturday morning in Steamboat Springs CO and instead of running the home stretch of Run Rabbit Run 100M race I’m lying here in the Yampa Valley Medical Center being tested for chest pain and after passing out only 2.5 miles out of the gate in yesterday’s race start. The gun rang at noon announcing the start of the RRR100M and immediately started the trudge up Mt Werner. Within minutes I felt like I was working harder than what I should be. I blamed this on the feeling of a tickle in my throat I felt the day before, maybe coming down with a cold. I pressed on hoping I’d fall into a groove. Around 2 miles my pace started dropping and I found the effort I expended was way too high for this climb given it was this early in the race. Only a half a mile later my chest began to hurt coupled with a significant back pain. I remember dropping down to my knee and many runners stopping to assist me. Being my usual self I
told all the racers don’t worry about me and run on. A concerned friend who happens to be a doctor Andy Reed had stopped. I nearly needed to beat him off with a stick to get him to move forward and go on with his own race. Shortly after that all I remember was waking up on my back with someone holding my feet in the air and the Race Director (RD) standing overtop of me. If there was one positive at least it happened there and not some distant secluded portion of the course. The RD Paul was extremely helpful and concerned. Next I remember the mountain patrol staff arriving and arranging a transit vehicle to rush me down to the gondola where an ambulance awaited. Thank you to everyone involved for your concern and swift actions I am very grateful. Super disappointed and embarrassed but mostly concerned about my health of course. I’ve had the most comprehensive exams here at the hospital headed by Cardiologist Dr. Saef. So far he is confused as most tests have returned negative and show a healthy heart. My blood work repeatedly showed a heightened enzyme called Triptonin indicating there was trauma in the heart organ.

I’m labeled a “fall risk” 😦

I’m a father of three and that is the most important thing in my life by far, so I need to do the responsible thing by playing safe and have everything checked out. So as it stands now I’ll compile all the data we’ve discovered here and continue the journey with our doctors in Canada to try to unravel what happened or maybe it was just a one off. I will keep running without too much strain and effort until I feel comfortable to pick things up again. It just wasn’t my day for Run Rabbit Run…

4 thoughts on “Well that didn’t end well

  1. Wow, I would never expect you experience such a thing! Thanks for sharing this experience, this shows it can happen to anybody, not only the beginners but even the best! Please keep us updated about what you will find! I wish you a good recovery!

  2. Thanks guys. Yes unfortunately it's a brutal sport and takes many prisoners. We all need to take care out there. The one thing I didn't mention was I was in the top ten at that point and there were soooo many elites that stopped and took the time to help me even though they had winning on there mind. Ultra runners are amazing creatures and I hope karma finds a way of aking its way back to each one of them.

    And yes I've got enough insurance��

  3. Dave! Did you change a light tube before you started that race?

    Hey, not funny. We are in Montana and just checked in to see how you did. Keep us posted on how your feeling and when you are at home. Take care and see you soon.

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