From the Better Half

Hi, my name is Sharon and I live with an ultra-addict who goes by the name Dave Proctor. This is a man who does nothing in moderation; he does not understand the meaning of enough. He is obsessive, a control freak, and worst of all…no, best of all he thrives to push further stripping the idea of limitations.
And I love him for it.
Many have said they admire Dave for his running efforts and are inspired by him. Truly he is an amazing athlete deserving of recognition (Dave’s head just got a little bigger right there). However I am humbled and have felt sheepish of also being told I am admired for what I do for him. Being the supportive wife, encouraging his passion of running, being a faithful and ruthless crew by his side. As his best friend and better half, I can’t see myself being any different. I do my best to keep him balanced in life, as he can either have the blinders on obsessing on one thing or suddenly be random and off chasing a squirrel. I do enjoy getting to experience the excitement and fun at ultra-races without having to run and put myself through stupid pain.
First and foremost our kids are our priority and Dave makes no exception to that. Dave tries his best to maximize time with the family by training generally when the kids are in school or in bed. There is no lack on his part when it comes to helping out around the house and with the kids. This hipster may wear a fancy scarf and a ‘murse’ (don’t get me going on his thrift shop pimp jacket) but his cooking and cleaning make him a real man. Dave nearly cooks all meals as I loathe cooking, so I consider myself a lucky woman! Even when Dave is logging 160 km a week, he still manages to find time for just him and I. Netflix nights are just as essential as date nights are. But I hate that he’s skinnier than me and can eat 2 bowls of ice cream in one sitting.
Dave is the ‘move now and get things done’ kind of guy where I am one to stay organized and do logistics – together we make a great team. I’ve got spreadsheets laid out for the 72 hour ATY, gear lists, packing lists, scare tactics, etc…and Dave says, “I like running.” Dave calls me a ruthless crew, well with him I sometimes need to be because if I wasn’t it would be like, “SQUIRREL!” I remember at Sinister 7, Dave came into an aid/transition station and a group of the Bow Valley Harriers were there waiting for their teammate. Dave came running in, cowboy hat on, mud caked to his face, whooping and hollering like he was ready to have a party with the guys. I could tell he wanted to hang out and just talk ultra-shop with each one of them. I had to grab his face to get him to look at me and with a stern voice I said, “Dave! Focus, what do you need? Get it and get out of here!”

My hard love will come out again at ATY when Dave has his 1 hour naps. When it’s wake up time I will be giving him a 1 minute warning before I zap him with a special ordered electric wasp swatter. Not only that I will be videoing his wakefulness leaving it up to him if it will be a post I make of shaming or heroism. Now how’s that for motivation?
There is so much I get out of from Dave’s races just like the aforementioned. I love seeing him come in at a station, helping him out, and best of all watching him finish. When things blow up, like in Run Rabbit Run, back in Colorado, I am just as indebted and appeased to be there by his side at these mad ultras.
With the 72 hour ATY quickly closing in I am so much more excited to be Dave’s crew in this particular race. Our kids and all of Dave’s family will be there to cheer him on. We will all stand proud watching him on the sidelines in our Care for Rare shirts. It has been an exciting time putting focus on raising awareness and funds for Care for Rare plus break a 134 year old record, I couldn’t be more proud of Dave as a father, husband, friend, athlete and advocate for our son Sammy and other children affected from rare diseases. There is no better half, just better whole.

Arizona…the Proctors are coming!

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