The Running Injury Clinic

This is a running blog and to date I’ve kept it as such writing about racing, training, diet and pretty much everything running related in my life. I’ve kept my work life out of the message, that is until today. On March 18th I’m moving my Calgary massage therapy practice to the Running Injury Clinic in Glenmore Landing, needless to say this is a match made in heaven with the only question being why didn’t I do this 5 years sooner. 

The over-arching goal of the Running Injury Clinic is education and development of injury prevention and rehabilitation programs for all runners and walkers through world class research and clinical practice. The overall paradigm is that all of the public seen at the Clinic can potentially be research subjects through various ongoing studies. Thus, their research is facilitated through the clinical practice and the clinical practice is improved through the research. The Running Injury Clinic’s core strength lies in the scientific measure of 3D gait biomechanics, muscular strength, flexibility, and anatomical alignment and understanding how these factors contribute to running injuries. They have developed 3D GAIT, a scientifically accurate, 3-dimensional motion capture system and custom software, for use in private physiotherapy clinics and hospitals. Global partnerships with an array of researchers, all data from all systems flow into a central database making the world’s largest research database of 3D biomechanical and clinical data.

I have been a full-time Registered Massage Therapist in Calgary since 2000. As my passion for running developed in the past many years so did my thirst for treating running related injuries and understanding the complex biomechanics of the running stride. Not only did this heighten my running abilities but in turn transformed the way I treat the human body when it comes to the stresses that a runner’s training model will deposit on the body’s soft tissues. The training methods of successful runners are innately aggressive and only stands to reason the treatment of the coinciding issues arising with this repetitive sport be equally aggressive in nature. My passion for this sport we all share would be a waste if I kept this to myself, whereas by treating in a clinic like the Running Injury Clinic and helping other runners achieve their running goals seems to me like a life well lived.
From this point forward I will be using this blog to present to you the cool and relevant studies and findings the Running Injury Clinic’s research concludes only adding to the valuable wisdom already found out there. 
Swing on by and check us out. I’ll be in the office accepting new patients Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

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