Head still isn’t right

A lot of you have been asking for my MitoTreadmill blog post. Truth is I’m still have major issues focusing on tasks and having coherient thoughts. Hell I’m having a hard time tying my shoes. I knew this would be mentally hard but I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d experience the mental struggles I ended up
pushing through for those long 24 hours on the mill that day. Even when running a 24 hour track race you can zone out and get into the fog everytime you leave your feeding zone but with constant feedback, fans yelling, people waving, people taking selfies I was never once able to zone out and find the peace I needed to lock in and find my happy place. In fact my desire to access that foggy happy place consumed me and only made the exersise of finding it even that more exhausting.

I want to write a briliant account of what went down on one of the greatest and most difficult days of my life but I ask your patience.

All photos from Neil Zeller Photography

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