What’s next…

The Belfast 24 hour marked a change in course for me that will shift my focus from one event to another. Be it the two events might not appear too different from one another the training models and strategy will be remarkably different. This summer/fall’s race goals will be centered around multi-day racing opposed to my  usual 24 hour and 100 mile schedule. 

I believe my skill set as a long road runner with a stomach that can digest the kitchen sink will succeed in this odd and wacky sport. My main objective is to race well at the Across The Years 6 day in Arizona over the New Year. The Canadian record for the 6 day stands at 870 kms set back in 1891 I believe is an obtainable distance covered in 6 days. The other Canadian records that may fall along the way are the 48 hour (355kms) and the 72 hour (496kms).  I’ve run this race before giving the 3 day a go a year and a half ago. An injury to my knee halted progress at 36 hours. I’m super excited to give the 6 day a whirl to see what this old body can grind out in just under a week. I’ve been busy planning and coercing others and more information will come when I start understanding what the hell I am doing.

To ready myself for this race I’ve signed up for the Lost Soul 100 mile on September 8-9 in Lethbridge. This is one of my all time faves as the race organizers put on a top shelf event worth traveling for. To get in the multi-day volume I really want it’s bloody convenient that I live 190 kms away from the race. I plan to run down to Lethbridge, run the race, then run home the next day. This will be a super fun experience nothing like anything I’ve done before and a great opportunity to pile day on top of day on top of day. If you are on Alberta’s highways one of those days would you be so kind as to top up my water or drop me off a snack, thanks in advance for your kindness.

Mixed in with these races is a 24 hour in Taipei, Taiwan. I feel very blessed to be invited to this race and would feel rather stupid turning down a trip to Asia since I’ve never been and always wanted to go. Hell, since my flop in Belfast I still haven’t qualified for next year’s Canadian 24 hour team so that is definitely in order. 

All together I feel very excited about where this change in direction is leading. Hey, I’ve got an idea, let’s run around in one mile circles for one day short of a week. Laugh once if you think it’s a good idea. Laugh twice if you think it’s a brilliant one.

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