Running forward with Altra

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Since winning the Lost Soul 100 mile in 2013 I have partnered with New Balance. Over the past four years, I’ve gone through countless Zantes, 1080s, and Summits with success. New Balance Canada has been very good to me and I believe this was a mutually beneficial relationship. In short, I have been very blessed to have had the opportunity to lace up with such an excellent product and company.AltraAltra toe box

Just recently friends have been suggesting that I try Altra running shoes as they noticed my stride and running style mirrors the unique design of Altra shoes. Me never saying no to anything I decided to give them a go. Now I know when introducing a drastically different shoe you should always use a graduated method and not just jump into the deep end. But me being me, I laced them up and went out for a 50 km run. To my surprise, they felt great! Not only did they feel good during my run but I was nursing a posterior knee issue that I was wavering taking a couple weeks off running to let the tendon settle. The night after the run I noticed my knee felt better and happy to say that since then the knee has been golden. My thoughts on the knee are that with a zero drop a runner’s stride changes for the better from the foot up to the back. In addition, the zero drop positively changed my hip position and ultimately solved my knee problem. The other thing I love is the real estate in the forefoot. Having space for the toes to roam and adapt to the running surface is quite dreamy. Altra running form

So aside the welcomed zero drop and the comfy toe box, the single biggest difference with running in the Altras is the fact I am way less stiff after runs and recovering way faster. By the time my next run rolls around my body feels 100%. This is an obvious benefit leading into the ATY six-day race and the cross Canada Outrun Rare project as recovery is top of mind.Altra running 1

I have tried both the Torin and the Paradigm. The cushioning in the Paradigms feel very nice during the long runs. Yet with the Torin’s superior ride and how my body feels after big efforts make the Torin my obvious choice.

It’s my absolute pleasure to announce the partnership between Altra and Outrun Rare to show Canada what the body is capable of when you wear the right shoe providing the optimal stride. 7200 km in just 66 days seems impossible but with a proper foundation and what is produced from that, I would beg to


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