The Speed Project

TSPTSPYYC (The Speed Project YYC Team) = 340 miles from the Santa Monica Pier to the iconic Las Vegas sign + 5 super strong teammates + 5 support crew members + 1 stanky RV +  5 x 10km then 8 x 5km repeats for each runner + a 5 am beer with Ailsa McDonald + crew of 11 wearing Outrun hats from Smithbilt + sub 4 min/km pacing for 36 hours + midnight snacking on Planet Foods + the most fun you can have with your boots on!!!
To say that I’m looking forward to this year’s edition of The Speed Project is an understatement. The RunCalgary team of 6 runners will take off at 4 am on March 30 from the Santa Monica Pier, CA and book it all the way to Las Vegas, NV. Our RunCalgary team consists of team lead Ari Sarantis, local speedsters Justin Kurek and Jon Bird, the wildly talented Adriana Wild, the nail in the coffin Ailsa McDonald, and my old diesel engine rounding out the sixth. Our support crew is lead by the Oscar hopeful Kirsten Fleming, Mr. Motivation Doug Bird, bartender and mixologist Barry Green, and Shari MacDonald and Louise Taylor to make sure our fluids are topped up, wheels aligned, and all cylinders are firing.
The-Speed-Project (1)
RunCalgary has assembled this stellar team in cowboy hats to attempt to break the course record of 36hrs 20min. This is a tall order as we will have to average a pace quicker than 3:59 min/km in order to set the new mark. I went out the other day at a 3:45 pace for a couple 10 km runs and they felt comfortable enough to solidify my approach and pace strategy for this race in 3 weeks. I think this race will be all about having enough patience to not go out too fast but have big enough kahunas to really giv’r.  The key to essentially doing 10 x 5 km repeats for 36 hours will be developing a solid fuelling strategy and sticking to it. I’ll probably stick to a routine of eating 1 cup of Stoked Oats immediately after finishing each effort with a healthy hydration intake of Skratch depending on how smokin’ hot it is that day.
By far the best part of this race is where we finish up… VEGAS BABY!!!!! The Speed Project organisers Nils and Blue (yeah I wrote that right) will host all 40 teams at an epic, Vegas-style all-day pool party at the Mandalay Bay followed by an after party. I’ve already told the team our goal and focus for the pool party is to exit that party with our Outrun cowboy hats on our heads.

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