Practicing Patience

I know what I want. I want it so bad. I want it now.
In this day of instant gratification and looking past the process and focusing fiercely on the goal it’s easy to get caught in the trap of ill-advised preparation which typically yields unfavourable results. I stand here in late March squarely in the middle of the dreams and excitement of running across Canada in late June but yet having (barely) enough maturity to understand that now is not the time to push. The eternal optimism of ultra runners tends to get them in trouble when it comes to overtraining and the careful balance of when to start the push with the final training block. In my experience, most ultra runners start their training blocks too early and with too much spunk. I’ve been guilty in the past of this and more times than not will end in injury or feeling deflated come race day.
Just last week I was 50 km into an indoor training day and decided to pull the plug at 4 hours. This decision was not easy and a little competitive piece of me died inside but I do believe that this was a good and reasonable choice given my past mistakes and overtraining disasters. My big cross Canada training block starts on March 30 with running 90 plus kilometres at The Speed Project. There I will run along with 5 others on the TSPYYC team from the Santa Monica pier to Vegas as fast as we can in 10 and 5 km sections. That’s one hell of a training day!
After The Speed Project, my training will shift significantly to longer slower runs to both mentally and physically prep for the demands of running over 100 kilometres a day for over two months straight. But for now, I wait because I know very well what is coming my way. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, sharpening the pencil into a fine point, embracing the suck, and finding joy and pleasure in the fog will either beat me down reducing me to ash or lift me up into the space that I need to be to complete this monumental task.
…….wait for it.

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